What is DTG printing?

The process we use when printing t-shirts and other garments is called Direct to Garment digital printing (or in short DTG printing). It is a great option for one-off prints or small runs as there are no set-up costs and there are no minimum quantities. It’s is also an affordable option when you want just one print. DTG printing prints at a very high resolution and is great for full colour intricate designs and photographs. Once printed the ink feels smooth on the material as the ink bonds into the garment.

What is the difference between DTG Printing and screen printing?

DTG printing allows a huge range of colors, tones and effects that traditional screen printing cannot do. It has a much higher quality output than you can get through transfers also. DTG inks are water based which means that the prints have a much softer “hand” (softer to the touch) than plastisol screen prints. There are also no set-up costs and no drying wait times when using DTG printing. It is a relatively faster process than the traditional methods.

Can you print on dark coloured tshirts?

Yes. In fact we can print on ANY colour t-shirt. Our DTG digital printer (Viper 2) can also print white inks on your garment, whereas other DTG brand machines cannot.

What type of t-shirts to you prefer?

We prefer to print on 100% cotton tees, this is due to needing to heat treat the garment before and after the print is complete to set your design into the garment. We prefer to use a smooth material also as the print comes out smoother and cleaner than on the textured surface. We can print also on 70% cotton mixes.

Do you supply the t-shirt?

Yes.We prefer to use our own sourced tees for our clients and the price you pay for the print includes the t-shirt - how good is that! We are always on the look out for quanilty long lasting tees from our suppliers. We want you to have this tee for a long time, we don't skimp on quality!

What type of t-shirts do you have?

Our t-shirts are of a very high standard. You will notice the difference compared to the everyday department store varieties. Our tee’s are 100% cotton, up to 190gsm ring spun Jersey knit fabric, twin needle double stitched seams, self-fabric tape on inside neck and shoulders for improved stability, plus we can supply a huge range of colours. We supply a general wide box cut or slim line fitting. We can also supply high end fashion style cuts at an extra cost.

What sizes can you supply?

We can supply tees for tiny tots through to large sizes up to 5XL. Depending on the garment preferred we may be able to get a size up to 7 XL. Please call us to discuss you size requirements and you are most welcome to pop into our store to try a size on.

Can someone design my tee?

Yes! Not only are we a t-shirt printing studio, we are also an multi-award winning graphic design studio. Contact us about your tshirt idea and we'll provide you with a quote for design.

How long does a print take?

Depending on how many you are ordering, we can get it done in 24 hours if urgently needed instore and for you to pick-up. For online orders please allow up to 5-7 working days if posted within Australia.

Do you post out orders?

Yes, we can post your order. Please contact us for postage costs as this depends on your delivery location!

Do you have a waiting area?

We don't offer or have a waiting area. 

How do I look after my garment?

To preserve design colours and to ensure maximum durability, wash inside-out in COLD water or handwash. Never bleach. Air drying is recommended. Never iron directly on the image. PLEASE NOTE: All garments require a pre-treatment that may be noticed on your new garment. This pre-treatment will be completely removed after a maximum of two wash cycles.

What’s that light film on my t-shirt?

All garments require a pre-treatment that may be noticed on your new garment. This pre-treatment will be completely removed after a maximum of two wash cycles. It is more noticable on darker garments.

Can you colour match?

We will try our very best to get as close to the colour as possible however we cannot perfectly match a Pantone colour. Please also keep in mind what you see on screen will produce slightly different results when printed.